Avazu Mobile CEO Yi Shi on their RTB mobile advertising and performance marketing platforms

James Cooper | September 24, 2013


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Avazu Mobile is one of the leading players in the mobile advertising market in China and APAC and now expanding globally.  They have pioneered techniques such as Real Time Bidding and mobile performance marketing in a number of emerging markets and work with some of the world’s leading digital businesses including Rocket Internet.  We spoke to the CEO and Founder of Avazu Yi Shi to find out more about Avazu’s mobile activities, the trends they are seeing in the market and views on recent newsflow such as the acquisition of Mopub by Twitter.  
yishi ceo avazu
What are Avazu’s main offerings in the mobile space?
Avazu’s main offering has always been offering a scalable one-stop performance solution for our advertisers. On mobile specifically Avazu offers a wide range of global display inventories across direct publishers, 3rd party networks, mobile ad exchanges and SSPs for our advertisers, biddable on pay-by-performance pricing models including CPA, CPI and CPL.
What sort of growth rates are you seeing right now in mobile advertising and what’s growing fastest?
We are seeing dramatic growth in mobile gaming and utility apps, and we are also observing large budgets shifting from online e-commerce into mobile e-commerce.
What sort of customers and partners do you work with in mobile?
Our customers on mobile range from SME app developers and content providers, to venture-backed enterprises like Rocket Internet Group and public companies like NQ Mobile or Baidu.
Yi Shi Talking Mobile Real Time Bidding
yi shi talking real time bidding
What’s unique about Avazu in mobile compared with competitors ? 
Avazu differentiates itself as a one-stop global performance display company, our unique selling points include:
Technology: We apply machine learning algorithms across various business processes internally, from buying media, to predicting customer lifetime value/activeness and even for fraud prevention. Programmatic advertising have been applied within Avazu since 2009, we use different technologies to predict customer value and ROI and maximize ad relevance through personalization technologies.
Our technology driven culture and approach made us unique for new product innovations which maximizes our customer’s campaign efficiency and scale.
Inventory & Reach: Avazu Mobile works with major mobile ad networks, SSPs and ad exchanges and also has a direct network of publishers, the scale of our inventory reach is thus significantly larger than most of the other companies.
Risk-free Pricing Model: Advertisers usually have certain goals, which could be a maximum cost for each acqusition or an install on mobile. When starting a display campaign however, advertisers always need to take the risk to test different inventories with CPC or CPM to find out the best-converting placements and optimize until the campaign reaches it’s objectives. Avazu however offers a risk free pricing, namely allows advertisers to bid directly on CPA or CPI basis, across large scale amount of inventories coupled with the top quality of display traffic.
You also operate in the online market – will you be focusing on apps/ mobile going forward or continue to provide cross-platform services?
Our online business on PC still makes 60% of our total revenue, for the future our strategies will (and has always been) to make performance advertising work across platforms and devices.
Team Avazu at their Shanghai Offices
team avazu
What’s your view on the recent acquisition of Mopub by Twitter?
The acqusition of Mopub by Twitter is an interesting step for evolving a more consolidated market. Mobile advertising overall has been extremely fragmented, with a small amount of major players like Google Admob, Facebook Ads, Millenial Jumptap etc. taking up the lion share of the market, an unified Twitter&Mopub however could create another alternative for both advertisers and publishers with competitive offerings.
I could imagine that Twitter could use it’s collected user data, segmented using different machine learning algorithms, applied across all Mopub inventories to give DSP’s more signals and tags for bidding on Twitter Mopub’s inventories, which would attract more demand from both the branding and performance world. Twitter could also open up it’s self-serve advertising platform for MoPub, extending it’s reach across all MoPub publishers to raise it’s eCPM competitiveness within the market.
Avazu on tour – exhibiting at Chinajoy 2013 Expo
What mobile devices do you use?
I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Beam and a HTC One X, and I also work alot remotely with my iPad 🙂
What’s the best way for customers to start working with Avazu?
The best way to start a coorperation with us is to either fill a contact form on https://mobile.avazutracking.net/ or contact one of our sales guys from Linkedin, people can also contact me directly on Linkedin under https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=17445489
Thanks Yi Shi – It’s really exciting to see new international competitors creating new innovations, business models and techniques in the mobile ad market and we’re looking forward to tracking the progress of Avazu mobile over the next 12 months.  You can find Avazu Mobile in our mobile advertising directory and Avazu Private Exchange in our mobile affiliate listings.  
avazu offices

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