Automation is the Key: How to Increase Affiliate Network’s Profit 5 Times in Half a Year

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Posted: July 5, 2017

Ofer Katz is the CEO and Founder of Phonder Technologies LTD, one of the fastest-growing ad-tech companies who owns AffiliTest, and also three different ad-networks: Affiliate-Mob, AppMyDay, and La-Boutiqe. AffiliTets by Phonder is the leading ad-verification tool in the CPI industry.

It goes without saying, that the work in affiliate marketing is much about routine, mechanical and manual tasks. Managers of CPA and CPI networks spend pretty much time on adding hundreds and thousands of offers, configuring all the necessary parameters, integrating with affiliate networks, unifying all the data, partners and systems and so on. Even though some affiliate programs do allow integrating through API, it doesn’t prove to be a real solution. Supporting API and dealing with technical failures require an enormous amount of labor force. It’s obvious that in this case you not only overpay but also get distracted from the things that really matter. Instead of making money you have to think about technical tasks.
Luckily, the newest services and solutions of tracking softwares help to automatize a lot of processes for CPA and CPI networks, and some of them has already taken  advantages of that. The example  is Phonder Technologies LTD who is running three biggest ad-networks – Affiliate-mob, AppMyDay and La-Boutique – on a par with most advanced CPI and CPA tracking link validator, AffiliTest. The experience of Ofer Katz, CEO of Phonder Technologies LTD, proves that affiliate network can achieve an exponential growth thanks to automation system. After a half-a-year work with Affise platform, Ofer is sharing their results and impressions.

For the last 6 months you have managed to increase the profit of your company 5  times. How did you manage to do this?

Automation is the new word for progress and profit in affiliate marketing. I’m sure that if you want to succeed using old-fashioned methods, making all the routine tasks manually, you will never get there. With such great deal of competition in affiliate marketing you just have to be the fastest, the smartest, the most up-to-date and prominent company. Otherwise, you will be an outsider of this industry. As for us, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow and improve our business, and we should be so lucky that we have met Affise team that introduced us their solution. With this platform we have managed to implement our own custom solutions as well as have taken advantages in their services, such as CPAPI, which turned our reselling process into a simple and easy way.

What is CPAPI and how does it work?

CPAPI is a tool, that totally automates the process of pulling offers. Just in a few clicks we grab the offers, unite, sync and unify all the data, systems and partners. All we need to do is to specify the margin and reselling parameters. All the rest is done automatically. Thanks to automated triggers we don’t analyse and transfer offers manually anymore, that’s why the possibility of human errors is avoided. Of course, it maximizes our KPI. Now we operate with almost 100 000 offers from 34 advertisers. All of them are synchronized to our system automatically, so we don’t need so much labor forces to deal with them.  

100 000 offers is a pretty big deal. How do you manage to analyze such an amount of offers? Do you have special professionals who monitor whether the offer is acceptable for reselling or not?

We developed and implemented the system that automatically analyses all the offers coming from advertises. First of all, it separates the offers on the base of KPI requirements: if the offer isn’t profitable, the system doesn’t accept them for reselling. Second, if one of the advertiser’s requirements is receiving only direct traffic, such offers will not be available for affiliates to resell.

Talking about implementation of your own solution into Affise API: what were the main difficulties in that process?

It’s a very good point. The matter is that making Affise and your own custom solutions work together is so easy, and the integration is really smooth. Thus, we are running some scripts with our own solution called AffiliTest. It scans every new offer for its workability: if AffiliTest finds it not valid, the system is pausing it. It also checks all the offers twice a day and auto-pause non working ones. AffiliTest is one of the most important scripts we’ve implemented. It not only saves our traffic, but also makes our CR up to 5 times higher.

It’s also a problem of careful monitoring of fraud activity when you have so many offers. How do you control it? Is it safe for advertisers to use this solution?

As 99,9% of the offers immediately becomes available even to the new affiliates and they don’t need additional permission to start working with them, Fraud protection is playing significant role in process effectiveness. Luckily, Fraudshield scores all the conversions automatically: if any suspicious activities or conversions come from particular affiliate, the offer will be blocked for the suspect for 24 hours. This affiliate receives an alert message, and provided he continues his ineligible activities, the affiliate will be taken out of play for longer time. We method is based on API as well.

Affise developers also promised to help affiliate marketers to end up with routine tests and manual operations with the help of Smart Link. What is it and is it really that smart?

Actually, it is. When you are working with thousands of offers, for you and your Affiliates it usually means creation of the same amount of advertising campaigns. CPAPI helps to minimize the efforts by creating only one Smart Link. Affiliates just grab the Smart Link, and Affise sends traffic automatically to various offers in various affiliate programs that you are reselling. Using the technology of machine learning, Smart Link chooses the offers itself thus making the maximum profit on certain traffic. This is the way everybody gets the highest possible ROI.

So, as far as I’ve understood, with the right software any CPA/CPI network can achieve success?

Of course, different affiliate network is looking for different software that will perfectly fit their expectations and their goals. And the way to find the very software is not always easy: sometimes you have to go through fire and water before you find a perfect solution for you. We have also tried several softwares before we’ve made the decision to switch to Affise. It perfectly suits our current business goals and needs. So my suggestion to any business is to constantly revise your performance and when your solution is no longer working for you, not to be afraid of trying something new.

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