At least half of UK young adults are buying items based on influencer promotions

Anne Freier | December 14, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Influencer marketing is proving an attractive and effective way to drive sales. Over half (51%) of young UK adults have bought an item or service based on influencer marketing or promotion in the last year, according to research from affiliate network Affilinet.
A survey among 2,293 UK adults aged 18 to 30 years found that of those respondents who had made purchases based on influencer recommendation, 44% had bought clothing. Another 36% had purchased make-up or beauty products and 21% had bought video games, 16% furniture and 12% kitchen appliances.
Respondents disclosed that on average they spent £285 on items based on influencer marketing.
However, just 9% of respondents said that they had bought the items in order to replicate the lifestyle or looks of the celebrity or influencer.
In addition, respondents were questioned about their consumption patterns of influencer content. A whopping 63% of UK adults watch or read influencer content at least once a week, whilst 28% are viewing it on a fortnightly basis.
On average, consumers tend to subscribe to around 18 influencer channels or pages.
Richard Greenwell, head of affiliate development at Affilinet, explained:

“It seems that influencers are the new A-listers when it comes to inspiration for how we dress, look, decorate, cook and live our lives. Not only are many YouTubers and bloggers relatable in the sense many of them still live relatively ‘normal’ and down-to-earth lives, there is also the notion in many consumers’ minds that they can much more easily attain the lifestyles of some of the more well-known and successful influencers if they set up their own blog, YouTube channel or Instagram page.”

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