Art apps take top spots in Japan top 10 apps ranking for Gen Z

Anne Freier | September 1, 2020

App Business

Gen Z tends to use very different apps compared to other generations. Now App Annie has revealed the top 10 Japan apps by Gen Z according to downloads during Q2 2020.

ibisPaint, a social drawing app, scored the top spot in the Android charts.

The app which boasts some eight million downloads lets users paint automatically.

It includes deep-learning technology which can recognise people’s faces and hair.

Astonishingly, another art-related app ranked in the top 10. Pixiv was the second most downloaded app among Gen Z.

The app is a community for artists online and has attracted some 20 million members and 43 million submissions since it launched in 2007.

The strong preference for art and painting apps may be related to coronavirus lockdowns, but here’s the thing: Japan didn’t initiate any lockdowns. There were zero restrictions in place. The findings would suggest that art apps are a popular way to spend time among Japan’s youth.

Niconico ranked third in the App Annie overview.

The app is used to share videos and ranks among the tenth most visited websites in Japan.

Much like other video streaming apps, users can upload, share and view video content. They comment on each other’s videos and even comment on specific sections of a video.

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