AR is coming to Facebook: Camera Effects Platform invites developers to create augmented reality filters

Facebook has just unveiled the beta version of its Camera Effects platform at the Facebook F8 conference. The company said it is inviting developers to create augmented reality (AR) filters and experiences via the AR studio and Frame Studio. These effects will then become available on the social media mobile’s camera feature. Eventually, Facebook hopes to offer AR experiences for glasses and other AR hardware as well.
Mark Zuckerberg told TechCrunch that “building an open platform I think is going to be one of the big advances that pushes this forward […] all developers can work on [the open platform] so that way you don’t just have 10 or 20 effects but you have thousands.”
Developers can apply for access to the AR Studio, which combines location and object recognition technology to allow for effects to be created. Potentially, AR Studio may also enable developers to create effects for Facebook’s Live videos in the future. Meanwhile, the Frame Studio is already open for access for anyone wanting to upload their image filter ideas.
Though the company isn’t tapping into the advertising opportunity at hand just yet, monetisation is undoubtedly going to happen at some point in the future.
Facebook usually trials its products before inviting advertisers on board. If the AR feature goes well, marketing opportunities will be created.
Zuckerberg adds:

“I think more people are going to be doing work and spending more of their time […] connecting with people and expressing themselves and doing art. And that I think dovetails very well with an AR world where a lot of what we’re going to be able to do is just about creating ideas and crafting them and sharing them. In AR, paint is free.”

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