Apteligent teams up with Localytics to increase user retention in your app

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App metric experts Apteligent has teamed up with engagement platform Localytics, providing more detailed app performance data, and streamlining the process of retaining users. Apteligent already provides reports on crashes, and issues with user flow, along with metrics for improving the app experience.

Apteligent has partnered with Loalytics

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Now, with Localytics, developers will be able to create segments of users than have poor in-app experiences, and focus marketing efforts on them, helping lessen app abandonment. Additionally, reports that show how performance is affecting app usage, retention, and funnel conversion rates will be provided, along with the chance to measure drop-off.

Greg Toto, Apteligent’s SVP for engineering and product, said:


“Since every crash, by definition, causes a drop in the funnel at that point, users immediately know which percentage of customers were lost to that event. Furthermore, you can prioritize the crash for a fix, which is why this integration is so crucial for Apteligent’s customers. Now the marketing team has context into how users interact with an app, while app development and product managers earn even more insight. We’re very enthusiastic about how our partnership with Localytics will raise the game for many app developers.”

Lou Orfanos, product VP at Localytics, added:


“Retaining users is among the most critical challenges for apps, and understanding all of the things driving user behavior is necessary if you hope to change it. This is why we are excited about our integration with Apteligent, as it provides critical context about how and why app performance is impacting users, and ultimately key business metrics such as retention.”

There are further details on how the partnership will operate, and the benefits it will bring available here. Visit Apteligent’s website here for more on the company.

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