Apteligent partners with Leanplum for improved mobile app experiences

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Mobile app metrics provider Apteligent, has partnered with mobile marketing platform Leanplum for wider integration. Combining the companies’ insights, product managers and marketers will get to tap some additional features to retain users and reduce app churn.
Leanplum offers a range of mobile marketing solutions
Source: leanplum.com
Andrew Levy, CSO and Co-founder, Apteligent believes that poor app experiences are inexcusable and need speedy addressing. If issues aren’t fixed on time, users are left with bad experiences which ultimately reflects badly on apps and developers. He says:
andrew levy

“Our studies have shown 30% of users will abandon a brand after a single poor experience. Now with the combination of Apteligent and Leanplum, mobile teams are empowered to reduce churn by immediately getting in front of those customers impacted by an app crash, a network issue, a third party SDK problem, or a sluggish user-interface. We’re very enthusiastic about how our partnership with Leanplum will raise the game for many mobile organizations.”

In combination with Leanplum, Apteligent clients have a more robust picture of the end user experiences, their preferences and behaviours alongside some deep insights into app usage events and engagement.
Momchil Kyurkchiev, CEO and Co-founder, Leanplum, confirms:

“Mobile is all about building meaningful relationships with your users. When a user has a negative experience in your app, it impacts that relationship. By combining Apteligent’s app performance data with Leanplum’s user behavioral data, mobile teams can win back users who have had negative app experiences, like app crashes. The holistic view of the user experience offered by Leanplum empowers mobile teams to automate messaging campaigns and filter engagement campaign reports, to ultimately drive more app engagement and ROI.”

Leanplum offers a series of mobile marketing tools including messaging, automation, app edition, personalization, A/B testing and analytics. Its clients include Expedia, Tesco as well as Lyft, among others.

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