Apsalar rolls out Uninstall Attribution Measurement for apps

Mobile app marketing measurement and optimization company, Apsalar, recently announced the launch of a new marketing measurement tool that uncovers the uninstall rate for app downloads. As part of the Apsalar Attribution analytics, uninstall attribution measurement can be performed across different channels, vendors, campaigns, creatives as well as geo-locations.
Apsalar launches uninstall attribution measurement
Source: apsalar.com
Whilst marketers have predominantly focussed on app user acquisition measured in installation counts and CPI, ensuring the lifetime quality of an app user is now more important than ever before. Quality users are defined as those who continue to use and engage with an app post-installation.
With the help of uninstall attribution analytics, marketers gain an insight into what drives app uninstalls. By comparing uninstall rates among different vendors, publishers can approach their partners to help ensure higher quality installs. The measuring of uninstall rates further highlights which ad approaches may be working and which aren’t. User retention rates also vary by location and marketers should make informed decisions where they invest more of their budget.
Discussing uninstalls, Sudarshan Gangrade, VP of Marketing, Analytics and Partnerships at Ola Cabs, an Indian on-demand ride booking service, says:
sudarshan gangrade

“Monitoring and reducing uninstall rates is an increasingly important goal for app marketers. Uninstall rate metrics like those being launched by Apsalar should provide a richer sense of install and user quality along with insights to proactively address the issue.”

Apsalar says that uninstalls matter even more today, because they lead to budgets being misspent towards tactics which do not drive key performance indicators (KPIs).
Kantar research confirms that uninstall rates are high. 26% of mobile users uninstall an app just one hour after download. Up to 89% of users delete an app within a year’s time after download.
App uninstall rates over 12 months
Source: apsalar.com
Apsalar uninstall attribution reports allow marketers to compare uninstalls by channel (e.g. mobile web vs. app advertising), by vendor (network comparison), by buying model (incentivised vs. non-inventivised installs), by cohort (e.g. men vs. women) and by region (e.g. India vs. Indonesia).
The attribution tool can also be used to detect fraudulent installs.
Michael Oiknine, Co-founder and CEO, Apsalar, adds:
michael oiknine

“Uninstall attribution is one of the missing link metrics for today’s app marketers. Marketers want real insight into the quality of users they are attracting, and our mission is to enable marketers to leverage their 1st party data to deliver more effective marketing initiatives that drive stronger ROI. This initiative makes a whole new set of critical information available to mobile app business leaders.”

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