Apsalar exits the DSP market

Mobile ad company Apsalar has decided to quit the DSP business and focus entirely on its mobile analytics platform.
Apsalar, which started out in analytics back in 2010, launched its mobile Demand Side Platform less than a year ago off the back of a $9 million round of Series B funding. At the time the company said it was uniquely positioned to combine its first party data with programmatic buying in order to help advertisers create detailed user profiles for ad targeting.
But the company now says it’s jettisoning its DSP partly because of concerns over the independence of its analytics . In an email sent out to customers Apsalar said: “Marketers want an independent attribution solution. We’ve received consistent feedback from clients and prospects that they strongly value independence between their measurement and advertising partners.”
Apsalar CEO Michael Oiknine added:

“Marketers need a measurement solution they trust implicitly. The perceived conflict of interest between measurement and media undermined that trust. Given the state of mobile advertising, and how underserved savvy enterprise marketers are in our space, the choice to focus exclusively on measurement and audience management was an easy decision.”

Oiknine also said that while his DSP solution has enjoyed some success, analytics is where the growth is at and it’s “clear” the company needs to “focus our efforts where we’re most differentiated and add the most value.”
Apsalar’s decision to drop its DSP seems counter-intuitive considering the expected growth in programmatic buying – though there’s not been that many DSP acquisitions since Millennial picked up Metaresolver. But the app analytics sector has been buzzing as of late, with the likes of Microsoft buying up Capptain, Kontagent and PlayHaven getting together, and just recently App Annie acquiring Distimo. It will be interesting to see just how Apsalar continues to differentiate itself in this competitive space.

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