AppTweak raises $500k to expand app store optimisation services

App store optimisation platform for developers, AppTweak, has received $500k in funding from Be Angels, as well as a group of investors operated by international investment platform Go Beyond and Media Group Rossel. AppTweak plans to use the additional funds to expand its sales and development team as well as improve functionality and features of its platform.
AppTweak dashboard example for Snapchat 
In addition, the company plans to develop its business and engineering further in order to grow and improve its platform to offer instant automated, personalised reports. In order to cater more efficiently to accounts of all sizes, the company developed API, that allows a single point of access to over three million apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Olivier Verdin, Co-Founder, AppTweak, explains:
olivier verdin

“In order to help smaller app developers struggling to get their app known, AppTweak provides both easy-to-use
and powerful weapon to monitor, build and iterate their ASO strategy. AppTweak seeks to level the playing field by equipping indies and small to medium-size app studio to compete with the dominant players and help them go global in the process.”

Since launch in 2014, the ASO platform has shown a 21% increase per month over the last 13 months. It includes 400+ accounts in over 40 countries. AppTweak also provides a multilingual keyword tool for English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Portuguese.
Despite app store searches being mostly conducted through browsing (63%), app discoverability remains a core challenge for developers and app companies. AppTweak’s single-page report offers tailored, actionable and personal insights and recommendations to help developers reach better results.
Peggy Anne Salz, Top 30 Mobile Influencer and Chief analyst, MobileGroove, a mobile app research and consulting firm, says:
peggy anne salz

“Top line numbers are adding up to show the app marketplace is maturing, creating the ideal conditions for a ‘long tail’ of smaller app developers to generate significant revenues with their apps. More opportunity for more app developers means more apps and certainly more competition to get found – which is why app store optimization will move up on the agenda as developers and companies invest in the tools and talent to ensure their apps hit a high rank, not end up on the heap.”

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