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Partner Post - AppsUnion The superior mobile performance based Ad network

Posted: June 24, 2016

Since 2012, Apps Union’s been recognized as the superior mobile performance based Ad network, it delivers affiliate traffic with proficient real-time optimization. Its professional in-house media-buy team for social networks advertisement provides precise target audience data to increase the accuracy. With over 30% exclusive offers from direct developers, it brings remarkable conversion rate and out reached high payout to partners.
In the past 2 years, AppsUnion has been on a fast-paced development. With their team work, it creates over 5+ million installs globally by the significant increase of 90% in advertisers’ total number world-wide and brings 1000+ consistent lived offers to its data base for 3000+ publishers specifically; and the numbers of publishers is still growing, since there has been a 200% raise from 2014.
AppsUnion – leading global mobile AdNetwork
AppsUnion overview
AppsUnion is a quality-driven company, focus on its Partnership Oriented Culture (POC). The POC allows them to maintain long-termed stable relationship between their partners and high volume of revenue monthly. Its zero fraud tolerance policy has gotten AppsUnion to achieve a solid branding to public with the most advanced anti-fraud system.
Meanwhile, it’s also known to have great transparency to the publishers since all of the past payments are done based on valid data and supported report; it also put 100% effort to maximize profit not just for themselves but pay attentions to all of its advertisers and publishers. Imagine when it’s new own apps are out, it will totally reinforced their performance, AppsUnion is already on step ahead. Great Work!