AppsFlyer presents solution to combat sophisticated mobile advertising fraud

Advertising fraud is $16.7 billion problem for the industry. Now, AppsFlyer, the mobile attribution and marketing analytics company, has launched its Active Fraud Insights 2.0 platform to help combat the issue.
The platform taps metadata from 98% of global mobile devices to detect and prevent more advanced mobile advertising fraud, such as DeviceID reset fraud, install hijacking and click flooding.
The company also announced a review of its over 2,500 integrated ad networks to show leadership and responsibility in addressing mobile advertising fraud. Minimising ad fraud requires marketers to do their part.
Oren Kaniel, CEO of AppsFlyer, explained that mobile ad fraud sophistication had taken on alarming levels over the last two years.

“We are in a unique position to detect and prevent mobile fraud faster and more consistently over time than anyone else in the industry. Further, since actions speak louder than words, we are going to regulate the AppsFlyer ecosystem and will remove bad actors from our platform in order to protect our clients — the marketers. As such, we are beginning an ongoing review and audit of all our integrated ad networks, ensuring they are aggressively doing everything in their power to minimize fraudulent traffic being sent to AppsFlyer clients.”

The new Active Fraud Insights 2.0 is part of the firm’s Active Fraud Suite. The latter is based on a mobile engagement database, measuring over 500 billion mobile events each month.
Active Fraud Insights includes:

  • New multi-select grouping filters by media source and siteID, allowing marketers to quickly identify offending sub-publishers
  • Device-based distribution analysis: Visual aids help marketers identify deviceID reset fraud, install fraud hiding behind limit ad tracking, installs from devices flagged as suspicious and installs from devices known to be fraud-free
  • DeviceID Reset Fraud Detection: Powered by DeviceRank proprietary device-ratings, marketers can easily detect sources with problematic concentrations of installs from “new devices” (devices with deviceIDs not previously seen)
  • Install fraud hiding behind limit ad tracking: Detects unusual concentrations of installs with limit ad tracking enabled
  • Installs from devices with suspicious profiles: Detects dense pockets of installs from devices flagged by DeviceRank™ as suspected of perpetrating fraud. In contrast, devices known to perpetrate fraud are automatically blocked
  • Install hijacking and click flooding detection: Built on advanced click to install time (CTIT) distribution

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