AppsFlyer Global Performance Index Shows the Value of Mobile Video Ads

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Posted: February 27, 2017

In the highly competitive app market, user retention has become a primary focus of mobile tech companies. In a recent report, the current status of user retention should alarm mobile marketers. With just 10-12% of users continue to be active seven days post-download, a mere 4-5% will continue to use an app after one month. At this stage of app market development, user retention and engagement should be the prior consideration during the marketing campaign.
In the latest edition of ‘Performance Index’ published by mobile measurement platform AppsFlyer, retention rate becomes an important parameter to decide the performance of a media source perform in mobile advertising.
Several video ad platforms achieved outstanding results last year according to the index. Mobile video has become a powerful way to grab user’s attention and retain users after installation. Since the beginning of 2016, Yeahmobi has started to strengthen its video ad layout, from video ad’s content, raw material, production, to launching of video ad, and performance marketing of this new form of mobile ad, in the bid to improve retention rate of apps. Through data collected in Yeahmobi system, a gaming app’s performance was largely improved after optimizing video creative. Its CTR raised to over 28%, retention rate reached over 70% one day after download, over 40% seven days after download, and its ROI raised to over 30%.
Along with the popularity of smartphone and development of infrastructure in markets like India, SEA, Russia, Africa and Brazil, video ad will continue its escalating trend, helping marketers acquire larger number of engaged users.
Other Yeahmobi rankings in the AppsFlyer Performance Index MWC 2017 edition:
For more information, you can visit the official Yeahmobi site.

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