AppsFire CTO Yann Lechelle on Native Mobile Advertising

James Cooper | October 27, 2014

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Yann Lechelle, Co – Founder & CTO of AppsFire was interviewed by Chris Reynolds at App Promotion Summit London 2014. We are now able to share the video and audio of the interview as well as a transcript. Thanks to Yann for the interesting interview which covers one of the big trends at the moment in mobile – namely native advertising.

AppsFire Co – Founder & CTO Yann Lechelle on Native Mobile Advertising, Video:

AppsFire Co – Founder & CTO Yann Lechelle on Native Mobile Advertising, Audio:

AppsFire Co – Founder & CTO Yann Lechelle on Native Mobile Advertising, Transcript:

Here at the App Promotion Summit 2014, and we’re talking to you on Yann Lechelle, Co-founder of Appsfire. Yann, nice to see you.
Can you firstly explain a little bit about what Appsfire does and how it helps app developers?
So Appsfire is an app-growth engine. We provide services to help you acquire, engage or engage, monetize users. So in a way, it’s a full suite for marketing and also for building your business. We do by providing native ad units. The reason why we focus on native ad units is because we’ve been a publisher ourselves with up to 13 million users of our own app, which we dropped last December. The ad units, by being native, tackle the very essence of the user experience and try to essentially replace the inefficiencies of the banner. So they pay better, they transform better, and the payout is great.
Great. And obviously, “native” has become something of a buzzword these days. So can you tell us a little bit about what a native ad means to Appsfire. What’s its essence?
And clearly, there’s a something specific to us when it comes to “native.” The term is being used and abused by a lot. The fact is native advertising has been in place for a long time in magazines. You know, the ad is actually placed in between pages, and some of it is actually blended with the content. So in some cases, native means blended with the content in terms of the proximity of the advertiser with the content itself. In our case, we’re not just talking about blended with the content, we’re talking about blended with the UX which clearly also exists in the magazine sense. But the banner is everything, but blended with the content. The banner sits there throughout the timeline and eats up the space, and often generates fraudulent or involuntary clicks, right? So native will blend, provide contextual native experience in that sense.
And there’s obviously a lot of native ad companies springing up right now. So what is it the Appsfire does to makes its ads stand out from the rest, and what do you think makes a good native ad in general?
Sure. So what stands out here, in fact, and today at the summit, we’re hearing that there are 200 networks to choose from. And that’s very difficult to pick the right ones and to actually arbitrage and manage the fill rate. Well, clearly that’s because most of those networks are non-native. They’re old-school, banner-centric, or interstitial. The good thing is that there are very few native providers. So everyone should check us out because we’re one of the few today. Of course, the big names are coming out with native formats. Some of them will tackle native formats by providing brand advertising. In our particular case, we’re tackling app promotion, right? So it’s also native in the sense that we’re promoting native apps within the native ad units. So that’s a unique value proposition, and it turns out that our C.T.R.s – our conversion rates – are great, and the payouts are great. So there’s a truly immediate opportunity to actually convert better.
And you think native is the future? Do you think we’re going to see banners and interstitials disappear?
You know, certain things never disappear despite their lack of efficiency. Why? Because the people are habituated to it or because it’s the low hanging fruit for them. But there’s no reason to believe that native units will not grow as per the experience and the ever-demanding constraints of the app experience, right? So it’s just an evolution of the banner. The banner being constrained to the bottom and the top of the screen, native will blend. That’s it. So we don’t have to be too dramatic about it.
Yann, that’s great. Thank you very much.
You’re welcome.

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