Appsfire announces major publishers on its native mobile ad network

James Cooper | September 30, 2014

Mobile Advertising

Appsfire recently took the brave decision to shut down their app discovery services and focus on the Appsfire mobile ad network.  They’ve followed this up with a rapid succession of new ad format launches focusing on unique and differentiated mobile native units.  Along the way appsfire has become an outspoken proponent of transparency and clear labelling in mobile native ads and recently criticised Yahoo! for it’s approach to this issue.
Appsfire mobile native ad units
appsfire ad units
For Appsfire the move into becoming an ad network appears to be bearing fruit and they’ve announced a number of Tier 1 publishers are already using their ad network.  The publishers they’ve announced include the likes of Opera Media Works (AdMarvel), Zeptolab (Cut the Rope), LaPlaceMedia, Viadeo, Cheetah Mobile (one of the largest android developer in the world), Taringa, Jogatina, Natural Motion, TF1, Lagardere/NewsWeb. These are in addition to over 200+ other publishers and partners.
Appsfire Mobile Ad Network Publishing Partners
appsfire partners
What’s notable about Appsfire’s approach to its mobile advertising network is that all the Appfire ads are served via their own SDK on publisher sites (not via exchange-traded or brokered inventory) and all advertising is sourced directly and is compatible with Appsfire’s own ad units.
Ouriel Ohayon, Appsfire CEO told us:

“The mobile ad market is broken and there is huge demand for solutions that are both efficient and respectful of the publishers and the users. We’re thrilled to see such large audience partners trust a young network like us. The impact of native formats, native technologies to mobile can be important for all stakeholders. In a few months we’ve managed to launch our new solution and get it out there at scale. It is an important milestone in our road map”

It’s interesting to see a player in the market bucking the trend away from exchange and pass-through based mobile ad trading and re-inventing the “premium” ad network model that took off in the early days of the market. Whilst many of the original premium ad networks have ceased trading (Madvertise) or been acquired (4th ScreenMedia) the new wave of rich-media, native mobile ads presents a new opportunity to explore this type of approach. With mobile advertisers and publishers increasingly concerned with the risks of highly networked approaches to mobile advertising Appsfire could be onto a good thing with its more tightly controlled model and premium, differentiated mobile ad formats.
You can read the Appsfire announcement here and watch Appsfire CTO Yann Lechelle discuss mobile advertising in this video