AppSamurai announces winners of Resilience Grant

Anne Freier | August 7, 2020

App Marketing

AppSamurai, the mobile growth platform, has unveiled the winners of its global Resilience Grant launched in May. 

The grant aims to support mobile app publishers with an award of up to $10,000 in advertising spending for user acquisition campaigns.

All developers needed to do was to show that their apps supported mental and emotional wellbeing as coronavirus lockdowns were sweeping the nations.

The list of winners, judged by a panel of experts that included BusinessofApps Director James Cooper, has now been published and includes apps that showed potential to help the community during the pandemic.

Among the winners is Breathwrk – a mental wellness app that provides breathing exercises to eliminate stress and anxiety and promote stress. The committee said Breathwrk stood out because of its unique and simple interface.

Mental wellness app Mooditude was selected because its mission statement captures the strong need for a stress-reducing app during these times.

Health and fitness app MoovBuddy also received a grant because of it provides unique quality graphics and assets.

Other apps in the list of winners included medical and health app PlanPiri, fitness apps Fitzy Fitness, mental wellness app Medito, medical app, education platform Exam Preparation App, well ness app Teal Wellness, children’s chore management app Genius App Manager, navigation app Kieka, and news app Got Direct – Kerala.

“With this grant, it is our aim is to further these outstanding app’s reach in order to advance their impact and benefit to the community during the pandemic. We also want to help build resilience during this economically challenging time. We thank each grant participant and recipient for being a part of the Covid19 Resilience Grant, and developing an app that benefits the community,” AppSamurai concluded in its blog post.

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