Apps Are Not Perfect Always: You Need to Shine Them Repeatedly

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Posted: July 28, 2016


Meenakshi Krishnan is a Content Consultant at OpenXcell, a pioneering Mobile App Development Company in India and USA. Technology inspires her and this has helped her to write contents on varied topics ranging from telecom, apps and healthcare communications and so on. She is currently working on global mobile app technologies reporting on diverse subjects. Prior to this, she was working for a technology marketing company based in Norwalk as content contributor.


If you have invented one, learn to polish them. Do not let your apps retire. Maintain your legacy apps. Discover and then continue inventing.

As products and approaches emerge, you need to look back to your old apps and rejuvenate them, give them a maintenance service, in fact a good spa which will enhance its functions and features. It is like opening a Pandora box!!! This process is required to keep business healthy and also to cope with the changing scenarios.

Mobile application maintenance


Keys to getting your app to be successful always is to continuously 

  • Monitor operational quality
  • Check whether it is performing as it is designed
  • Check if it is capable of adapting to new changes

How often should you maintain your apps?

Mobile application developers need to frequently focus on the constantly changing markets, changes in terms of hardware, operating system, language, version, style, design, library, content, security changes, usage pattern, infrastructure etc. Once your apps are up in the store, maintenance is critical to success. There are several apps today that have outlived its original user necessities and their lifecycle is changing with virtualization, cloud, containers, micro servers and so on. Apps need to be responsive, they need to be powerful enough to take all opportunities and need to be agile to tackle and adjust to new conditions always. To achieve this, apps need to undergo regular maintenance with timely updates, new functionalities and enhancements.

Optimizing application development and maintenance (ADM) can cut costs by more than 50 percent,” concluded Gartner in a recent research study. Efficient maintenance is the key to retain high quality in any software.

Four key classifications of App Maintenance


  • Curative Maintenance – Fixing when fails
  • Perfective Maintenance – Fine tuning as per the usage
  • Adjustive Maintenance- Upgrading according to the user/system demands
  • Preventive Maintenance- Avoiding future crash

App maintenance types


Set Up a Framework to Manage Changes

Organizations need to get hold of a philosophy like DevOps. This strategy can work well for agile developers and not traditional waterfall method!! Literally get the development team and operation team to work in constant collaboration to understand each others’ limitations and possibilities. “App developers should focus on continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous and automated testing of the developed apps, continuous monitoring of deployed app and match infrastructure code, build and deliver continuously,” says an expert.

Six Handy Tips to Maintain Your Apps openxcell_4

Choose the best UI and UX

There are certain elements in your apps which if slightly changed can cause a great impact on the end users. Identify those elements. It can be even colour or some graphics. If you fail to make changes, then your app will look old.  Adopt A/B split testing technique. A few testing methodology can help double user engagement. Testing tools are available today. It will help in studying the response of your users and choosing the best UI and UX.

Watch Key Performance Indicators

Once your app is up in the store, it is segregated based on several stages with the end users that you need to understand. Downloading, opening, signing up, and utilizing them. You will have users who download your app but not open them for months. Few many open but not sign up, few may do all the process but the app just sits inside their phone without being actually used. Rather, many are not retained. It may not be engaging customers for longer duration. Getting metrics of such data is important. Analysis on the actual usage, retention, revenue per user, user experience etc., will help in placing your app better.

Cope With the Competition

Apps are there for everything today. There are apps for games, and there are apps to check your heart rate too. The market is getting exploded on all sides creating possibilities in every field. Developed apps are facing competition every minute. App maintenance is one of the key processes involved in keeping your app active. The cycle needs to be repeated constantly in order to see profit and acceptance. Any app development process should have a provision to make changes anytime across any platform. It can be simple configuration changes, code change, data base change or even the environment change. Every real-time application will have its own time to deliver updates, to change contents, to modify keys and to completely shake the structure. Such changes should happen in its time and speed.

Balance between Business And Technology

Key functions of any business include innovation and marketing. Create a balance between business and technology.  Continuously plan and evolve with better marketing strategy to place your apps better in the store. Marketing strategies begin right from the day you plan to develop your app, launch your app and even after your apps are available in the store. Ongoing marketing strategy along with the change in technology will have a greater impact in maintaining your apps. Explore, initialize, stabilize, and explore again to fit to a modified environment.

Follow Feedbacks and Implement New Features

Keep an eye on the efficiency of your app. Watch out the effectiveness. Any product will be retained only if it satisfies the end users. Constant review of the feedback will help in bringing the required changes and updates and can help in maintaining your apps.

Continuous Optimization

Drive continuous optimization through focussed metrics. Do not let your apps decline once it has reached its maturity phase. Mobile app development companies should believe in co-ordinating the integrated set of devices with the back ends.


Mobile solutions are looked at long term success. Maintaining mobile apps is critical for its overall success. Seeking a professional app maintenance solution can help in keeping apps up to date in compliance with the industry requirements and also with the targeted user groups. The model or framework that you choose to maintain your apps can differ from time to time and from app to app. It is the game of being competitive and stable. Maintenance leads to improvement; Improvement leads to Quality. Quality leads to retention.