Appodeal launches own programmatic mobile ad exchange – AppsFlyer makes it easier to check campaigns on the go

Ad mediation company Appodeal has launched its own programmatic advertising exchange. AppodealX connects directly to demand side platforms to offer premium ads to app developers from across 100 ad demand sources through real-time auctions.
By minimising the number of intermediaries between advertisers and apps, developers can benefit from increased ad revenues.
At the same time, advertisers will get to acquire more expensive impressions via the ad exchange.
Pavel Golubev, CEO and Founder of Appodeal, explained:

“We are launching a complicated, high-loaded product. Our own ad exchange allows us not only to double the number of partners but also offer the developers more flexible ad settings. In AppodealX we watch over the display rate to avoid unpaid impressions. We’re also bringing in predictive technologies and allowing the developers to block some ad categories. To put it simply, it’s another step further in making the ad industry transparent and handy for app developers.”

AppodealX is server-based and SDKs embedded by publishers in apps get to stay the same. However, the number of ad sources is being boosted from 35 to 100+.
The platform is currently running in soft launch mode handling 1.2 billion auctions a day.
AppsFlyer rolls out mobile app for campaign insights on the go
AppsFlyer, the mobile marketing attribution company has now made it easier for client to check in on their campaigns and launched the new AppsFlyer Mobile App.

The app makes it easier to gain quick access to mobile marketing performance data, track metrics and KPIs.
It has been built based on a client feedback and needs.
That means marketing employees can now quickly update a client or CEO on how mobile ad campaigns are doing from anywhere at any time. Urgent demands for feedback are instantly answerable.
Hua Xing, Mobile Operations Manager at Ctrip says:

“The AppsFlyer Mobile App exceeded all our expectations. At Ctrip, our mobile marketing performance data is our lifeline. The ability to navigate my mobile performance data on-the-go in a simple and intuitive interface and at this speed […] this app has become an integral part of our real-time marketing tech stack on a daily basis.”

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