Appodeal launches app monetisation support for Apple TV

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 20, 2016

Appodeal, the mobile app monetisation solution, just announced support for Apple TV app advertising. That means app developers can now embed and optimise ads in Apple TV apps using the Appodeal SDK.
Appodeal announces ad support for Apple TV apps
The addition also allows for cross-promotion on iOS as well as tvOS apps. The latter are part of an actively growing market with projected ad eCPM to rank higher than smartphone or tablets apps. That’s because those who watch TV are used to advertising and hence less bothered by it.
Apple sold 37m Apple TV units since launch in 2007. Just like mobile advertising, ads within Apple TV ads require some adjustments made specifically for the device. The Appodeal solution essentially eases the process for publishers to embed their adverts and even works with partners such as Applovin and Spotxchange.
Skippable and non-skippable video ads of up to 30 seconds can be embedded as well as rewarded video ads.
Appodeal adds that the new SDK also provides some new opportunities for cross-promotion and ultimately helps to drive audiences to a developer’s app.
The SDK itself is a simplified platform that contains just 10 lines of code and needs less than 60 minutes to be integrated. It’s connected to Appodeal’s automated marketplace to maximize ad revenue through real-time auction.
The company also works with 30 ad networks and platforms which publishers can select the best fitting one from.