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Partner Post - Appodeal Programmatic ad mediation for mobile app publishers

Posted: April 7, 2016


Appodeal Programmatic Mediation is the latest trend in mobile apps monetization. In a nutshell it is a revenue autopilot solution and it’s built with developers in mind.

Appodeal app monetization solution for developers


Our solution supports banners, interstitials, videos (both rewarded and non-rewarded) and native ads.

International fillrate and higher eCPM

Our solution is capable to deliver high fillrate in many countries around the globe and allows developers to earn higher eCPM, compared with other competitive app monetization solutions.

Immediate payouts

  • Request a payment at any time and it will be transferred to you within couple days.
  • No need to wait for a month to receive a payout.
  • The best payout terms on the market.
  • Wire transfers, Bitcoin, PayPal, WebMoney and other.

Higher payouts

When switching from traditional ad networks, it generates 15%-300% revenue growth.

Multiple app monetization solution providers use case 


Flexible payouts

Appodeal supports the most popular payment solutions, such as Bitcoins, Paypal, WebMoney, Google Wallet and regular Wire transfers.

Payout systems supported by Appodeal


Programmatic optimization

– Forces ad networks to compete against your traffic.
– Hosts dynamic auctions among ad networks
– dynamically allocates your traffic to achieve higher profitability

To know more how Appodeal can help you monetize your apps more efficiently visit Appodeal.