Appodeal acquires Corona Labs to boost app development and monetisation

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 21, 2017

Appodeal, the app monetisation platform, has announced the acquisition of  Corona Labs, which provides developer tools and the Corona SDK to create cross-platform games and apps.
According to Corona Labs, the SDK has been used across 10,000 games and examples from its showcase include Fun Run and Blast Monkeys.
Appodeal on the other hand provides mobile app advertising services to enable app developers to monetise their finished products and manage multiple campaigns at the same time.
Roj Niyogi, Corona Labs CEO says:

“By and large, what we learned over the last year and going into 2017 is that game developers want a strong mediation solution that generates great results but isn’t complicated to use or integrate. Simply put, it needs to be as easy to monetize your game as it is to build your game.”

As part of the deal, the Corona platform will be available for free and become open source. In addition, developers will be able to access the previous Corona app monetisation framework, which includes the Corona Marketplace. That means, they aren’t restricted to Appodeal.
Pavel Golubev, CEO and Founder of Appodeal explains:

“We decided to make even more of the Corona platform free because we believe that there should be more opportunities to develop mobile games of high quality on the market. Additionally, Corona will gradually be transformed into an open-source framework with the first components released as open-source soon after the acquisition formalities are complete. App developers will get a new and powerful, but free tool to create casual 2D games for iOS, Android, Amazon and other platforms.”

Both companies focus on app development and monetisation which may make them a good fit.
Golubev adds that the app industry has long been favouring advertisers and developers should be able to earn more from the products they create. Given the growing community of developers across Corona’s platform, he adds “we’ll make Corona the best solution to create casual but exciting games, those destined to become the Next Big Thing.”