Appnext rolls out new technology to enable app marketers to target with context and boost engagement

Anne Freier | February 28, 2017

Mobile Advertising

Over the last few years, the advertising technology industry has been steadily progressing to contextualise and personalise the consumer experience by adding innovative technologies and features such as user intelligence tools. As such, marketers have been able to accurately target their audiences. However, targeted campaigns have often failed, because they weren’t relevant to the user during the current moment in time.
Now, mobile discovery platform, Appnext, has announced a next generation user intelligence technology to help combine traditional targeting features with enhanced moment tools.
Dubbed, Appnext Timeline, the intelligence technology challenges the industry status quo, enforced by two companies which control at least 60% of the market. The new rollout boasts location technology, real-time and historical behavioural insights for additional user context and predictive actions. Timeline has been designed to offer real-life user context, better relevancy and engagement for mobile campaigns.
Appnext Timeline
Over 100 device signals can be recognised and transformed into a personalised user timeline. By identifying a user’s location such as home or work, as well as contextual moments including commuting, listening to music etc., Appnext has presented a solution that could help advertisers impact consumers at the right location, point in time and during mood moments when they are more receptive.
Appnext Timeline enables marketers to focus their user acquisition, re-engagement campaigns as well as budgets on contextual moments which are most likely to boost campaign impact and user engagement. For example, promoting a taxi app when a user is about to leave the office or traveling means that advertisers can focus on immediate engagement.
Publishers also stand to benefit by managing their premium inventory more efficiently to drive user value and revenue for each ad impression.
Elad Natanson, Founder and CEO of Appnext, explains:

“The mobile industry as we know it hasn’t stopped evolving. Phones have become smarter, apps better, but overall mobile experience has not. We bring Appnext Timeline to bridge the gap, enabling mobile publishers, app marketers and users alike to step into the new era, powered by real-life context, relevance, and ads that provide value, serve the users and their real-time needs. Appnext was founded out of the desire to deliver a better mobile experience. We are proud to introduce this revolutionary technology, helping over 650M users worldwide experience apps at the right moments throughout their day.”

Here’s a little Q&A about Appnext Timeline:
1. What does Appnext Timeline actually do?
Appnext Timeline is  a patent-pending user intelligence technology that understands real-life, mobile activity to predict where you want to go next in real-time, so that every piece of content you consume on mobile, including ads, will only appear when it’s relevant to your actual need. The ability to focus ads (and budgets) during the highest impact moments, when users are most likely to start using the app and convert, is new technology, and a new opportunity for apps to grow with a focus on meaningful KPIs and immediate engagement.
2. What is the problem this product will solve and how?
Currently, ads are targeted according to estimates of geographic, demographic, and social relevance. But, they’re probably close to irrelevant when they’re being seen. The Appnext technology allows an app advertiser, a taxi company, for instance, to reach potential passengers when they’re leaving the office, or coming back from a vacation, in other words, when they are actually looking for a taxi.
3. A few words about Appnext.
Appnext was founded in 2012, and is exclusively dedicated to mobile discovery. As of today, we reach 650M devices (or unique users) monthly across 180 countries worldwide. Our partners include top app and game publishers, mobile websites, as well as EOMs and mobile operators. The overall client base includes 60,000 partners. Appnext is a privately held, self-funded company with over 100 employees in 6 offices around the world.
4. Why is Appnext Timeline different from existing leading solutions?
The core USP for Facebook and Google is their extensive user data, social profiling, and estimated interests. Appnext Timeline technology aims to upset the status quo by allowing advertisers to focus on real-life user context, relevance, and engagement rather than profiles and ad views. The result will be better engagement and ad KPIs than those delivered by Facebook and Google

To find out more about Appnext Timeline, meet the team at the Mobile World Congress 2017, February 28 – March 2. Hall 8.1, booth #E10.

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