Appnext rolls out new programmatic ad-serving solution

Anne Freier | November 24, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Appnext, the monetisation and distribution platform for mobile publishers, recently unveiled its new Appnext Manager ad-serving solution that lets app developers manage their CPI-based inventory sales programmatically. The addition is a managed service to let publishers reach more app users through tracking and campaign optimisation. App makers can tap into the CPI-based demand and simultaneously control all their campaign elements from a single dashboard.
Appnext announces Appnext Manager
Elad Natanson, Co-founder, Appnext, says:

“Appnext continues to adhere to our core values of transparency and control and prides itself on delivering exceptional user experience, while providing a unique technology platform that allows publishers to manage their app-install ad inventory, be agile and keep pace with the rapidly changing mobile landscape. With Appnext Manager, publishers, game developers, app developers and mobile device manufacturers alike now have a complete and powerful managed service solution that enables full control and provides access to our rich ecosystem of trusted advertising partners to meet business needs, exceed user expectations and drive business results.”

Traditionally, premium mobile publishers used metrics such as eCPM and CPC for inventory sales management, because CPI-based campaigns need a robust technology and service solution to let them manage their CPI sales programmatically. Now, Appnext’s platform enables publishers to leverage this emerging market opportunity in the app-install industry, set to grow 80% to $3bn in 2015.

Appnext recently named discovery app Drippler a premium publisher. Jonathan Chizick, VP of sales and business development, Drippler, adds:

jonathan chizick

“A differentiated mobile app distribution and monetization experience is an absolute necessity for publishers to stay competitive. As a premium publisher ourselves, we have a strong desire to effectively manage sales with our direct partners for various campaign types. We really like Appnext’s model of offering ad inventory in real time on a CPI basis and are happy to be alongside companies like Baidu, Go Launcher, and 360 Security as premium publishers on Appnext. Appnext provides us with an efficient and effective way to jumpstart our mobile strategy.”

The launch of Appnext Manager follows the company’s roll-out of its native video ad solution that delivers higher eCPM rates to publishers.

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