Appnext rolls out native video ads

Anne Freier | September 2, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Monetisation and distribution platform, Appnext, recently announced the launch of its native video ad solution, which enables app publishers to serve app trailers on a cost-per-install (CPI) basis. The new feature streams app trailers for gaming and utility apps across a range of lifestyle verticals. Mobile users are encouraged to engage with short video trailers between 15-30 seconds long before downloading an app.
Appnext rolls out native video ads
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Appnext will be providing native video ads through various channels, including a native ads API feed that features 1,000 unique worldwide video campaigns; full screen interstitial adverts (a combination of video ads as well as 3-6 native ads for additional engagement); and rewarded video ads that offer special features such as free game lives to mobile users in order to reward them for watching an ad.
Elad Natanson, Founder, Appnext, explains:

“Video is a powerful storytelling medium and we are putting that power into publishers’ hands. Our advanced technology of unique user adaptive video streaming provides the best possible viewing experience per bandwidth, country and device, so that people all around the globe can seamlessly experience new content within apps.”

According to a report from BI Intelligence earlier this year, mobile and video ads are leading much of the $15bn in US programmatic ad revenue this year. Programmatic will present the majority (52%) of non-search digital ad spending with 30.6% estimated to be going towards real-time bidding platforms and 21.7% towards non-RTB programmatic.
CPI-based video ads are a highly engaging form of video advertising with high retention rates due to the user gaining a better overview of an app before downloading. The decision to download is better informed, and hence publisher’s eCPM rates are higher. During a recent beta test, Appnext found that CTR delivered growth of 200% with regular interstitial at 10% and CTR with video interstitial at 30%.

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