AppLovin speeds up mobile ad delivery with Internap’s bare-metal IaaS

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AppLovin, the mobile advertising company, recently swapped its real-time big data application from Amazon Web Services’ public cloud to high performance internet infrastructure services company, Internap‘s, bare-metal Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution. The AgileSERVER makes it easier to scale AppLovin’s intensive mobile ad platform and provides a more cost-effective structure at higher performance.
Internap’s AgileSERVER dashboard
AppLovin provides marketers with an ad targeting solution based on consumer interactions across mobile platforms. To provide an efficient service, ads have to be served within 100ms of the initial request to reach a target demographic. In order to scale more cost effectively, AppLovin realised it needed to improve its virtualised infrastructure. AgileSERVER provides the processing power of bare metal with the agility of the cloud. This enables AppLovin to achieve solid performance and scale critical apps and data loads on OpenStack.
John Krystynak, Founder, AppLovin, says:
john krystynak

“Our business depends on serving 50 billion daily requests as quickly and efficiently as possible so we always want to implement infrastructure that’s innovative. Internap has continued to advance AgileSERVER with new hardware such as NVMe storage, enhanced networking capabilities and flexible billing options. These collectively enable us to build out a high-performing infrastructure environment while also achieving significant cost savings. AgileSERVER 2.0 also gives us access to the entire OpenStack ecosystem of tools, for easy infrastructure management with granular control options.”

From 2014, AppLovin has grown rapidly from 7bn ad requests daily in 2014 to 50bn daily this year, driven by demand for mobile video advertising as well as digital ad solutions. The company recently added Internap’s Non Volatile Memory Express storage for AgileSERVER to help deliver ads even faster with up to 10x the performance of today’s fastest SSDs.
Peter Bell, Senior VP, global sales, Internap, adds:
peter bell

“Digital advertising has been experiencing tremendous growth and, for ad tech companies whose real-time applications face millions of requests every second, AgileSERVER is able to process data much faster than equivalent virtualized environments. With the newest enhancements to AgileSERVER, organizations building cloud-native applications can take advantage of a wide range of new features focused on performance, from NVM storage to greater infrastructure control with image management functionality and auto-scaling capabilities.”

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