AppLovin launches app publishing studio to provide complete service for app developers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 17, 2018

AppLovin, the app marketing and discovery platform, recently announced the launch of a new app publishing division, Lion Studios. Having pre-launched in March 2018, the studio offers a full service so that developers get to solely focus on creating an app. That means, app developers won’t have to worry about the app promotion process, which can be cumbersome.

Apps such as Love Balls, Weave the Line, Draw In and Cash, Inc. were among the first to be part of the service.

It’s not entirely clear just yet how much AppLovin will be charging for the service. Alternatively, the company could be providing its services in exchange for some form of equity in an app.

Lion Studios is led by president Rafael Vivas and head of operations Kyler Murlas.

“AppLovin is a growth engine for all app developers, and that approach inherently fuels the mobile development ecosystem,” explained Vivas. “Lion Studios is an extension of this, and it goes one step further by helping developers publish and promote their apps, empowering great talent to have access to many of the same resources as larger companies.”

Although there is no guarantee that the new division can keep an app in the top 10 charts of an app store, it has already helped developers boost their downloads to 200 million times, according to AppLovin.

To celebrate the launch of the studio, the company is running a contest for independent developers. The top four games will receive prizes worth a combined $300,000.