AppLovin hits $100m in annual revenues

Jamie Giggs

In Mobile Advertising. September 2, 2014

Applovin Logo
Mobile marketing company, AppLovin, has reached a $100m in annual revenue. The growing advertising company, that was founded in 2012, is now helping over 300 brands to acquire and re-engage their mobile customers.
AppLovin uses their proprietary ‘Adaptive Personalisation Platform’ (APP), to find new mobile customers for a brand. Once the customers have been found, APP continues to re-engage the users with relevant recommendations.
The company’s CEO, Adam Foroughi, outlined the company’s philosophy and plans going forward:
Adam New

“We are a product first company. One fact that sets us apart is that we have 4x as many engineers as sales people which contrasts the structure of most marketing and advertising companies. Our belief is that advertising has been flawed and by building technology that makes advertising more relevant for consumers we are making it more like content, which means it is ultimately more effective. Our goal is simple: build more products that will help brands communicate more effectively with consumers.”

In addition to the annual revenue milestone, AppLovin has received $4 million from the Webb Investment NetworkThe company has also been linked as a potential acquisition target for Facebook. With this in mind, the future looks bright for the startup, as one of the leading players in the latest wave of mobile ad technology services.
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