Applift announces major rebrand to focus on performance-based mobile advertising outcomes

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 4, 2018

Applift, the mobile advertising technology company, this week announced a major refocusing of its brand in an effort to focus on performance-centric outcomes of mobile advertising. The rebrand coincides with the launch of its Mobile Journey Advertising solution which provides cost per action (CPA)-based performance measurement.

As part of the brand shift, Applift launched a new logo, website design and brand messaging.

Through Mobile Journey Advertising advertisers will no longer have to run mobile app acquisition and retargeting campaigns separately. Additionally, marketers only pay for acquired users rather than non-active ones. The focus of the technology is thus on finding and engaging loyal app users and customers.

Tim Koschella, CEO of Applift, explained:

“The mobile advertising industry is in dire need of an ROI-centric model that focuses on the entire funnel and drives customer activation. Applift is the first and the only mobile advertising company to offer this true performance CPA model for new and re-engaged users. We’re pleased and proud to offer our customers an integrated offering to pay only for true results, in an industry that still largely relies on legacy pricing models.”

The company also provided an infographic (see below) that delves deeper into why engagement should be a top priority for marketers over installs.

Mobile Journey Advertising begins with a potential user viewing an app, clicking on it and installing the app. It is post-installation that an acquired user can become a loyal users. That’s where Applift’s new solution comes in – driving post-install actions that increase the lifetime value of a user.