Apple’s new ARKit 2 encourages developers to work on more immersive AR apps

Apple has launched ARKit 2, a new version of its augmented reality software development kit, ready for developers to add exciting new features to AR apps. It’s joined by a new file format for iOS 12, named usdz, which enables wider use of AR objects throughout the operating system.

ARKit 2 has some interesting new features. One of the many issues with AR apps is the lack of interactivity with other people. Spectactor mode lets people not playing or interacting with an app still see what’s going on in the virtual world, using their device as a viewer.

Another feature is the ability to leave persistent AR objects attached to locations, allowing app users to return to them at a later date, without the need to restart. Developers will also be able to use ARKit 2 to add image detection and tracking, plus a selection of new reflections too.

Developers can experiment with ARKit 2 and the usdz file format in the beta version of iOS 12, available through the Apple Developer Program now.

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