Apple’s App Store received 80 takedown requests in H2 2018

Anne Freier

In App Business. July 5, 2019

Apple received 80 App Store takedown requests citing legal violations during the second half of 2018, according to their latest transparency report.

Of a total of 770 apps mentioned in the requests, China cited 626 apps that violated the country’s gambling and pornography rules.

Russia requested the removal of 11 apps, whilst Norway made a single request for the takedown of 37 apps which broke its gambling rules.

Saudi Arabia requested the takedown of 25 apps over privacy violations.

Apple said it granted 75 of the 80 requests taking down a total of 634 apps, but the company did not reveal individual apps by name.

For 2020, the company plans to also report on appeals received in response to government ordered requests in an effort to stay more transparent.

For the first time, Apple also released FPI-issued subpoenas.

Overall, government demands were down 10% during 2018 to 29,183 with Germany issuing the highest number of legal demands (12,343 for 19,380 devices). According to the technology maker, the majority of requests related to police investigating stolen devices.