Apple Search Ad exact match keywords account for 40% of app keywords

For app developers and marketers ranking at the top of App Store search results has become an important strategy to boost discovery as 65% of installs occur from search. That’s why Apple launched Apple Search Ads (ASA) in 2016, which have since taken off.

According to a new report from SplitMetrics based on one million keywords in Apple Search Ads, the average number of keywords per app is 8,099.

Exact Match keywords accounted for 40.5% whilst broad matches made up 59.9%. Exact keyword matches tend to be an important strategy to engage and convert interested users. At the same time, they are cost more at $1.09 per tap.

The report also found that broad match keywords are more commonly used as part of discovery campaigns to identify high-performing keywords.

Among the highest spenders on SplitMetrics SearchAdsHQ product, discovery campaigns attract around 20% of budget whilst exact campaigns receive 80% of budgets.

In terms of impression volume, i.e. when an ad appears in the App Store search results, exact match keywords triggered 59.4% impressions whilst broad matches accounted for 23.4% and search match keywords 17.2%, largely due to higher spenders allocating more to exact matches.

Exact matches also scored higher for tap-through rate or the number of times a user taps on an ad divided by the total number of impressions (6.34%).

Unsurprisingly, conversion rate also highlighted good performance of exact match keywords (54.73%) compared to broad match keywords (35.92%). Search matches also performed better than broad matches for conversion rate.

Overall, the findings highlight that despite the higher cost of exact match keywords, they attract higher ROI compared to broad and search match keywords.

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