Apple says AR, competitive gaming, mindfulness, are among breakout app trends for 2017

Andy Boxall | December 11, 2017

App Business

Apple has identified what it calls the four breakout app trends of 2017, and given out awards for its apps and games of the year. It states augmented reality apps and games introduced in 2017 are one of the biggest new trends, following by real-time competitive gaming apps, apps that deal with mental health and mindfulness, plus those that transform storytelling and reading.

It singles out Ikea Place, the AR app for checking style and placement of Ikea furniture in the home, plus Clash Royale’s new 2×2 team battles. Calm, the mindfulness app, claimed 2017 iPhone app of the year, with Splitter Critters taking 2017’s iPhone game of the year. On the iPad, Affinity Photo took app of the year, and The Witness was the year’s best game.

Apple’s top app chart for 2017 includes Bitmoji and Snapchat, plus various Google and Facebook apps, including Google Maps, YouTube, Instagram, and Messenger. WhatsApp also appears on the list, with Uber, Netflix, Twitter, and Amazon also featuring.

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