Apple reports record breaking quarterly numbers, says it paid developers $20b in 2016

Andy Boxall | February 1, 2017

App Marketing


Over the past three months, Apple has taken a record-breaking $78.4b in revenue, with $17.9b in net profit. This was a higher than expected number, after projections put Apple’s earnings at around $77.4b.

Its Services division, which includes Apple Pay, iTunes, Apple Music, iCloud, and more, collected $7.17b. Services also includes the App Store, which had its biggest ever month in December 2016, when $3b worth of in-app purchases were made.

Apple said it paid developers $20b in 2016, bringing the overall grand total payouts made to developers since the store opened to $60b. The division looks after 150 million paid subscriber accounts.

The past quarter also saw more iPhones sold than before, with the figure reaching 78.3 million, up from the 74.8 million sold this time last year, which had held the record until now. However, iPad sales were down to 13.1 million from 16.1 million last year.

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