Apple removes apps which don’t share screen recording code

Apple has taken measures to remove apps from its App Store if app developers fail to disclose the details of their user interaction code.

According to TechCrunch, Apple has made the move in an effort to protect user privacy.

“Our App Store Review Guidelines require that apps request explicit user consent and provide a clear visual indication when recording, logging, or otherwise making a record of user activity,” a spokesperson said in an email.

The company added that it had already notified developers who were in violation of these terms by asking them to request user consent and provide details of how their data was being used.

However, developers said that they were given less than a day to remove code or face being removed from the App Store.

One company affected by the new policy will be Glassbox, which provides analytics tools for apps. It’s designed to improve the overall app experience, but does record any text a user enters into an app. Actions such as tapping and swiping are also recorded.

This potentially creates issues allowing hackers to access people’s personal data and financial information.

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