Apple may soon offer subscription bundles for its Music and TV+ services

Anne Freier | October 9, 2019

App Business

Apple is apparently planning to launch a subscription bundle that would combine its Apple Music with its Apple TV+ service, enticing more customers to join in.

Apple Music now has a whopping 60 million subscribers as of July 2019. The iPhone maker announced the launch of its TV+ movie and TV subscription service back in August 2019.

Apple TV+ is set to go live on November 1st. It will cost just $4.99 in the US, making it a cheaper rival to Netflix and Amazon. However, it’s not clear how the streaming platform rivals Netflix and co. in terms of content.

Apple Music costs $9.99 in the US and is similarly priced to major competitors like Spotify.

According to the Financial Times, record labels are growing concerned that by bundling music with movies, their content could be devalued and financially hurt.

But experts believe that Apple is likely to create several bundles. Apple Music and TV+ may only be the start. In the long run, the company could offer bundles that include its News+ service as well as the Arcade gaming subscription package.

Apple Arcade costs $4.99 in the US and officially launched this week for MacOS Catalina in beta.

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