Apple may expand search ads outside of App Store

Anne Freier | April 14, 2020

App Marketing

Apple may be taking the next step when it comes to search advertising and open up ways for marketers to advertise products outside of the App Store.

According to a report by Adweek, the operator of the Apple Store may soon launch adverts outside of its store.

Small print changes made to the API in Apple’s Search Ads Campaign Management platform reveal that developers can now create software for programmatic campaigns.

“With the API, you can build software to manage your campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. It allows advertisers or third parties to more efficiently manage their larger Apple Search Ads accounts and campaigns, or provide additional functionality beyond what Apple Search Ads offers through its own product.”

Now, the company has added parameters “supplySources” and “adChannelType” to its API which may be used in other apps like Maps or News.

Using “supplySources”, the source of an ad in a campaign can be specified, while “adChannelType” is used to specify other conditions for search campaigns.

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