Apple iOS ties with Windows for popularity among UK game developers


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Apple’s iOS operating system was the joint most popular platform for games developers in the UK during 2015, matching Microsoft Windows, and beating Google Android into third position. The statistics come from a report published by UK gaming association Tiga, and stated that iOS and Windows had a, “near even split” of the market last year, representing 41% combined, with Android taking 17%.

Tiga’s CEO Dr. Richard Wilson pointed out that Windows and iOS’s popularity comes down to the amount of people using each platform, saying they give developers easy access to, “a significant consumer base.”

Action and adventure games were the most popular genre during 2015

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The report also looked at which game genres were most popular with developers in 2015, and examined the gaming industry as a whole. After researching around 200 games from 154 UK-based studios — developing for mobile, desktop, and console machines — it was concluded that action and adventure games topped the charts, with 24% of all games released falling under that category. Arcade games came next with 18%, followed by puzzle and trivia games with 15%.

Examining the titles released by the studios showed many will focus on a niche, such as horror, which Tiga says is crucial, as it builds experience and helps establish a reputation. Visit Tiga’s website here for more information on its work in the games industry.

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