Apple iOS 13 warns users if they delete apps with active subscriptions

Anne Freier | November 11, 2019

App Business

The latest Apple iOS 13 update will warn users when they delete an app with an active subscription.

Apple asked app developers to move to subscription-based models back in 2018. Since then, apps (specifically non-gaming apps) have rapidly adopted the model.

Until now, users had to remember whether their app had an active subscription or not if they wanted to delete it.

That’s changing with iOS 13. When users delete an app with an active subscription they will now receive a notification to remind them and opt to cancel the subscription.

Apple previously also extended the subscription process to make it harder to accidentally subscribe to an app.

The move to make it easier to cancel active subscriptions has already negatively affected some apps like Tinder. Shares in the popular dating app plummeted following the update.

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