Apple highlights major app developers adopting Siri Shortcuts

Andy Boxall

In App Development. October 22, 2018

Apple is promoting apps which have integrated the new Siri Shortcuts feature, which was introduced in the latest iOS 12 software for its mobile devices.

Apple explains Siri Shortcuts by saying:

“Shortcuts use powerful on-device intelligence to help users get things done faster, whether it’s commuting, being more productive, staying healthy, and more.”

Weather apps including Dark Sky and The Weather Channel can be summoned using single word voice searches, and Citymapper will provide up-to-the-minute travel news and information when Siri is asked about commute times.

Health apps such as Waterminder and Lose It! have also adopted Siri Shortcuts, along with Fantastical, Trello, and Day One. All provide key features and information quickly. Apps with Siri Shortcut support have an Add to Siri button, ready to display quick access buttons on the lock screen and in Search.