Apple cuts App Store Affiliate Program commission from 7% to 2.5%

Apple is reducing its App Store commission from the standard 7% to just 2.5% effective from 1. May. Members of the App Store Affiliate program were alerted of the 64% cut by email. That’s quite a significant drop, but won’t affect rates for other Apple media such as music, movies, books or TV series.
The Affiliate program provides a little kickback for App Store downloads that are made via a referral ID link. Though it doesn’t seem like much, commissions can quickly build up the larger a developer’s audience becomes.
Developers will continue to receive 70% of the sale. However, the lower rate is likely to affect smaller websites, including blogs which provide app reviews and news.
It’s not entirely clear why Apple made the changes, other than to increase profits from App Store sales.
, creator of former app directory, explains:

“[We] made hundreds of euros in the first few months with App Store commissions and a Google ad near the bottom of the page. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but it was a fun little way to make some money as a kid who didn’t want to work during summer break. […] I don’t think App Store commissions are a good business model and I’m glad I didn’t stay in this business for too long, but there are still a ton of small and big websites that rely on these commissions.”

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