Apple bolsters Search Ads by adding campaign measurement partners

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. February 27, 2019

Apple is improving its ad business ambitions by making changes to its Apple Search Ads. Search Ads help app developers to catapult their apps right to the top of a user’s app search results.

Now, Apple has added Bidalgo as a campaign management partner alongside Kenshoo.

Bidalgo actively helps advertisers to manage their search ad campaigns on Apple’s App Store. Previously, Apple’s partner page predominantly featured measurement partners including Branch, Kochava, AppsFlyer and Adjust, which allow advertisers to measure their campaigns.

Bidalgo is different in that it actively provides a hand in managing campaigns.

The move potentially opens up Search Ads for more agencies and brands, which rely on campaign management partners to scale.

Although Search Ads are still far from providing the level of return Facebook and Google offer, Apple’s latest move is a sign that the company is stepping up efforts.

Targeting however is unlikely to ever rival that of Facebook since Apple focuses on providing enhanced privacy for users.