Apple adds parental controls with iOS 13.3 release

Anne Freier | December 16, 2019

App Business

Apple has just revealed a set of new controls that will delight parents. With its iOS 13.3 release, the iPhone maker is adding a function that lets parents set limits to who their kids can talk to and text at certain times of day.

That means parents can effectively schedule downtimes for their smartphone-obsessed little ones.

Once the update is installed, parents can access these settings from the Communication Limits section within the settings menu on the iPhone.

Not only can they set who’s able to contact their kids during normal times, they can also choose when certain contacts may be able to reach their children.


So, if your kid regularly stays up late at night to message friends, you can now prevent them from doing so.

The addition follows consumer outcry over the influence technology is having on our everyday life and on children’s health in particular.

“There is ample evidence to demonstrate the negative effects of phone time on older children, particularly on those using them for more than three hours a day; these include structural and functional brain imaging changes, increases in emotional distress and higher rates of anxiety and depressive symptoms, as well as lack of sleep,” said Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg, a psychiatrist at Priory.

Teens may discover ways to forego the ban on their phones over time, but for now it’s a viable solution for concerned parents.

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