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Melissa Wong | September 24, 2013


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Appia is a leading global user acquisition network for the mobile platform, currently delivering over 55million app downloads to a global user audience of over 1billion. Listed in the 2012 Wall Street Journal’s Top 50 Venture-Backed Companies (the network ranked at number 22), Appia offers solutions for developers, publishers and advertisers alike.

Appia Overview

Appia Overview
Appia’s experience in the mobile industry spans over 13 years, with roots in search and indexing and mobile content distribution. Now that expertise is being brought to mobile advertising and app discovery, and the Appia platform has been designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of mobile advertisers, developers and publishers.
Current clients include ngmoco, Fiksu, AppBrain and Zedge, however Appia’s mobile app discovery solutions aren’t just tailored to leading mobile brands. With a focus on innovation and robust technology, Appia is able to provide everything from ad campaigns to enhanced publisher functionalities. New developments across the network for 2013 include enhanced Android/iOS SDKs, IDFA support for conversion tracking (iOS only) and expanded ad creatives.
Having transferred over to a non-incentivized network in 2012, the network experienced large growth during the first half of 2013, including doubling revenue figures from 2012, and surpassed 50 million sponsored ad installs with 10 million of those driven in Q2 alone. This growth also spurred a need for experienced hires to come into the fold and this year saw Millennial Media’s Jamie Fellows and former iFO CEO Tim Oakley come on board. Appia CEO Jud Bowman has attributed this growth to the network’s ability to recognise and meet advertiser and publisher needs:

“We have seen significant demand from app developers for more effective performance advertising on mobile, to acquire new users, developers recognize the need to use targeted advertising in their marketing strategy. Our continued momentum is due in large part to Appia creating a performance based, non-incentivized model that delivers measurable results for our clients, including higher lifetime value, as well as continuously evolving and innovating our platform functionality to be a key partner in facilitating mobile app discovery.”
Jud Bowman

Bowman also features in this 2011 Bloomberg video discussing the company’s business strategy and investment potential:

Appia for Advertisers

Appia Advertisers
Appia’s solutions for advertisers are geared towards driving user acquisition via:

  • Reach – Appia’s reach is global, currently with total audiences of 1 billion people. Since its launch in 2012, Appia has also driven over 55 million app installs in 200 different countries
  • Technology – The network’s technology for running mobile ad campaigns is comprehensive and encompasses management tools, advanced tracking and an intuitive dashboard
  • Accountability – Offering access to 100% incentivized-free traffic, Appia helps advertisers find fully-engaged users at a lower cost
  • Support – Advertiser support includes campaign advice and guidance and optimisation strategies

App Deliver
Key Features include:
Ad Formats
Appia supports the following ad formats:

  • App Walls – an app discovery tool usable with in-app or mobile web campaigns. Apps can be displayed according to rating, device, country and category and the wall is fully customisable for on-brand advertising.
  • Banner Ads – Classic banner ads are supported for all Sponsored App campaigns. The ads work for in-app and mobile web campaigns, are fully targetable and available in standard IAM & MMA sizes.
  • Interstitial Ads – Interstitial ads offer full-screen experience. These ads allow users to engage with the ad or choose the ‘Skip’ option and are compatible with in-app and mobile web campaigns

Non-Incentivized Campaigns
One of Appia’s unique Advertiser-focused solutions is its non-incentivized PPI model. This model basically means that advertisers no longer have to fork out for impression-based fees and instead only have to pay for qualified users who intend to download and try out apps. Using this model, Appia aims to provide advertisers with high retention rates and high install conversions.
Tracking and Analytics
Appia’s tracking and analytics functionality offers powerful tools via an intuitive dashboard, aiming to provide quick and easy campaign management. Advertisers can access multiple online reporting formats and export data quickly into CSV files. Targeting is available based on geographic regions, and campaign activity can be monitored by platform, device or region. Third party tracking solutions like Ad-X, Flurry and AppsFlyer can also be integrated into the dashboard.
Support for advertisers is also available on the Appia blog, including this presentation about the key advertising mistakes to avoid:


Appia for Publishers

Appia Publishers
Appia’s solutions for Publishers aim to maximise revenue potential with:

  • Monetization – Full suite of tools and features to deliver relevant ads to publisher audiences. Monetize users with incremental revenue
  • Content – Displayed campaigns include high quality ad content. This creates a healthier mobile ecosystem via user engagement
  • Technology – Lightweight solutions keep the end user in mind. Appia’s supported ad formats can be fully customized and can be integrated quickly and easily
  • Support – Appia supports its publishers during every stage of the mobile advertising process

Appia Developers 2
Key features include:
Appia’s API is designed to be easily integrated with its Ad Server via standard server side integration, it is flexible and intended for use by publishers who are unable to integrate the SDK. The API enables management of budgets and bid rates via real-time performance insights and also offers plenty of flexibility for integrating campaigns based on Appia’s accepted ad formats (AppWall, banners, push ads etc). An ‘industry-leading’ optimisation engine accessible via the API offers the potential for high yield, and automated options reduce manual workload helping developers to spend more time focusing on driving profits.
The SDK from Appia is compatible with Android, iOS and Tablet platforms and is another tool that is designed to maximise monetization for developers and publishers. Scalable and lightweight, the SDK offers easy deployment with an average integration/testing time of around 30 minutes. Appia’s SDK supports Ad Display and AppWall integrations, allowing publishers to easily optimise content according to customer behaviours.
Appia also supports their publishers with access to free online content like this ‘Publisher Toolbox’ presentation

Appia also recently published this Infographic covering key tools for mobile publishers to increase yields:
Appia Developers

Appia for Developers

Appia Developers
For developers, Appia aims to drive discovery with:

  • Acquisition – An audience of over 1 billion users is accesible. Appia’s network is one of the largest and most successful on a global basis
  • Monetization – Easily integrated tools and features can deliver relevant ads to valuable developer audiences
  • Engagement – Appia provides 100% non-incentivized traffic. The highest profits can be acheived with total user engagement
  • Support – Support is available in the form of optimization strategies and proactive and responsive solutions

Appia Developer
Powerful and Flexible Monetization
Appia’s monetization solution offers developers realistic opportunities to make money from their app audiences via its powerful and flexible solutions. It has been proven that developers within the Appia network earn over 10x more than developers on competing networks, thanks to its optimal advertising formats and valuable traffic.
Strategic insights and powerful tools enable developers to successfully monetize Android and iOS traffic, and the best bid rates can be secured by matching users to the right advertisers. Targeting functions include multilingual description for location-based targeting, and Appia also offers the highest revenue rates per user.

DeNA Case Study

DeNA logo
DeNA first began to work with Appia during a process of exploring various networks to promote and advertise their social media and mobile games. After thorough testing  of the network to gauge its performance, DeNA chose Appia to drive their user acquisition and began experiencing higher levels of user LTV. Teresa Lu, Performance Manager for DeNA explains why:

“We were pleased with the initial performance and continued to advertise with Appia since they were consistently delivering solid performance for user LTV, we can count on Appia to deliver high value users that generate post-install events leading to more revenue.”

DeNA Co. Ltd is a global internet based company, established in Tokyo, that focuses on social gaming, e-commerce and Web services for mobile devices. Having acquired ngmoco in 2010, DeNA is able to promote the games of independent developers as well as their own.
With a focus on providing innovative and high-quality mobile advertising and monetization solutions to advertisers, publishers and developers of different experience levels, Appia is establishing itself as one of the globally-leading mobile user acquisition networks. A dedicated news page is refreshed continually with changes and developments in the mobile marketing industry and Appia also runs events such as the upcoming Understanding the Mobile Ecosystem webinar.
You can stay up to date with Appia via the blog and find out more information about the company on our profile page

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