Appflood on how to increase your Android App Revenues

Jamie Giggs | December 11, 2013

Mobile Advertising

AppFlood eBook
AppFlood has launched a free eBook that gives Android developers vital tips and know-how on the monetisation process for their apps. With over 250 million smartphones being shipped in the third quarter of this year, and with 80% of these being Android-enabled, there’s a huge and ever growing market for the Android app business. With their new eBook, AppFlood hopes to arm Android developers with the knowledge required to take advantage of this growth.
In the eBook, they do this in three detailed steps:

  • Introduction to Mobile Advertising
  • Goals and Choosing Ad Formats
  • Analytics and Optimisation

As a teaser for the eBook, the company has provided four quick tips that are relevant for both Android developers who are new to the industry, and for those who have experience but wish to know more. They are summarised below.
Clash of Clans Interstitial

  1. Interstitial ads generally generate the most revenue for developers – There are a host of options when developers are choosing which ad format to use in their app and it can be difficult to know which one works best. AppFlood says that interstitial ads generate the most money for developers, regardless of their advertising campaign, with 58.52% of their developers already using this format.
  2. Avoid push notification and icon ads – Developers in the past used push notifications and icon ads, and most did well with these formats. However, it was seen as a spammy way of advertising in the end, even leading Google to ban the formats from the Google Play store altogether. AppFlood says that the formats were not that popular in the first place, with only 2% of developers on AppFlood having used them.
  3. Mobile advertising metrics – Most developers want to know the benchmarks they can expect to see for their monetisation campaign. eCPMs, CTRs and IRs will vary when factoring in impression volume and the quality of the traffic on a developer’s app – the following can be used as a point of reference nevertheless: Global eCPM: $0.54 (September 2013), Global CTR: 8.28% (September 2013), Global IR: 1.77% (September 2013). More information can be found in ‘AppFlood’s 3 Easy Steps to Monetising Android Apps with Ads’.
  4. Optimisation is key – Mobile app monetising is rarely as simple as just downloading an SDK, integrating the ad formats, and then waiting for the money to be made. The process requires constant monitoring and subsequent optmisation if developers are to succeed. AppFlood has provided some resources for developers to use: 10 reasons why your mobile app eCPM is decreasing, How to boost your eCPMs, 7 Monetization Mistakes to Avoid, Allocating traffic and blocking advertisers. A far more in-depth guide can be found in their eBook.

3 Easy Steps to Monetize Android Apps with Ads
The slideshow below will give developers a preview of what they can expect to find in the free eBook.

There you have it, a quick guide on how to increase your Android App Revenues. Remember there is much more to know, and it can all be found within AppFlood’s free eBook.

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