AppFlood launches SDK that pays developers for installs

AppFlood has announced a new Software Development Kit that lets developers earn cash each time their app is installed.
The ‘Splash Screen’ SDK displays a full-screen interstitial advertisement every time an app is launched. Developers are paid each time an app carrying the SDK is installed on a user’s device and opened for the first time. The developer then receives revenue on an eCPM model on the ad.
AppFlood says publishers can earn around $8 per 1,000 installs in the US and $1.4 for every 1,000 non-US installs. The SDK also includes all of AppFlood’s other standard ad units for use within the app.
AppFlood’s developer relations manager, Veronica Ciecierska, told us:

“We realized developers need a much more effective yet easy-to-deploy monetization system that would reward them for hours spent creating their projects. By introducing pay-per-download option we wanted to offer them an additional revenue model that would become a standard for mobile app monetization. We think it doesn’t get more simple: with PPD our developers can earn revenue alongside the increasing user base from the app store.”

Ciecierska also says that publishers can also earn money from their existing user base if they add the new SDK, with every user that updates to the latest version of the app counting as an install.
It certainly sounds like a simple and innovative idea to push more revenue for devs, especially if you’re already displaying interstitials on launch. For more information check out the AppFlood website.

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