Appflood launches new transparent mobile ad network features

Melissa Wong | August 1, 2013


AppFlood, the commission free cross-promotion mobile ad network from Papaya Mobile, has just launched a series of updates to its network that emphasise transparency, accountability and aim to offer total control for developers. These updates provide increase levels of transparency, with an Open Direct Deal Network, Multi-Dimension Analytics and Ad Network Mediation amongst the main features, and give app developers more control of both monetization and promotion.
Si Shen, CEO of Papaya Marketing, explained:
Si Shen AppFlood

“AppFlood’s new features raise the bar for visibility, openness and accountability in the mobile app cross-promotion space. Transparency has become a vital competitive advantage in mobile advertising, but so far traditional mobile ad networks can’t deliver the visibility developers really want. AppFlood now has the openness developers need to deliver app marketing campaigns that are targeted, flexible and effective.”

Particular emphasis is placed on providing visbility at traffic origins, so that advertisers can find the most suitable developers and publishers to work with (fully optimising the ROIs and traffic of both parties). More control is also given to developers and publishers in terms of how traffic is distributed, and they have the option to ‘turn off’ those campaigns that are underperforming. Using these new features, it’s also possible for developers and publishers to negotiate the right price to maximise their returns on the traffic they are offering.
Here’s a look at the new features in greater detail:
Open Direct Deal Network – this new marketplace combines the transparency of one-to-one direct deals between developers and publishers with the range and reach of a mobile ad network – all in a single, unified platform. Developers buy, sell or exchange traffic like a normal ad network with the added benefit of seeing the performance of every other app on the network. Developers can then identify which apps are the best potential partners for publishing or cross-promotion campaigns, and then set up direct deals immediately.
open direct deal network
Multi-Dimension Analytics – with this new feature users can identify potential opportunities to boost ad revenue and ROI from an app with AppFlood’s advanced data mining-driven analytics. Unlike other ad networks, AppFlood’s multi-dimensional analytics allows for comparison and cross-analysis across multiple variables: for example, developers could analyze an app’s eCPM based on “Country” plus “App partner” plus “Network X”, and then compare this to its performance for “Country” plus “App partner” plus “Network Y”. The comparative results provide new insight into how a developer can adjust their existing campaign for better results – something that’s not been previously possible.
multi-dimension analytics
Ad Network Mediation – developers can connect to and directly compare app performance with AppFlood partner networks including Appia, Cyberagent, Unicume, Clickky, Altrooz and Motive Interactive. It’s now possible to compare an app’s performance across the different networks from a single dashboard using one SDK, and adjust the campaign to improve results and boost revenue in seconds.
Ad Network Mediation
With these features AppFlood aims to directly address the lack of visibility and transparency that is still prevalent in mobile marketing, by providing accurate and in-depth insights to ensure that developers have every chance of maximising their app monetization efforts. When combined with its existing levels of clarity (so far AppFlood is the only major neutral network that doesn’t take revenue from direct deals made), AppFlood is currently leading the way in terms of the level of open-ness and transparency offered by mobile networks to app developers.
According to Si Shen, the new features show “AppFlood is putting our money where our mouth is” and provide “increased visibility and insight”. With this new release the company hopes to place itself ahead of the competition and provide developers with the information and control needed to get the most from their app marketing and app monetization efforts.
AppFlood’s updated service is available to all existing customers as well as new, and you can check out more information about this and its other mobile marketing solutions by visiting the website. Exisiting developers and publishers can also find updated SDKs on the site to unlock this new functionality in their apps, and you can find more info about these features in particular on the AppFlood blog .

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