AppFlood announces China-focused mobile RTB platform

Mobile ad company AppFlood has announced a new mobile-focused Real Time Bidding platform, designed to help Western advertisers and publishers access the burgeoning mobile ad marketplace in China.
According to AppFlood, its Demand Side/Supply Side platform is the first to be engineered and launched in China, making it the first company to offer an “effective” use of RTB technology in order to connect Western publishers and advertisers to the Chinese market. AppFlood says previous China-focused RTB solutions have been unsuccesful due to technical barriers, which have prevented platforms from processing bids quickly enough.
AppFlood now claims it’s gotten around these technical hurdles by leveraging Amazon Web Services’ DynamoDB technology, to support its infrastructure and “overcome latency issues that have hampered RTB in the past.”
Si Shen, founder of AppFlood’s parent company Papaya Mobile, said:

“With the launch of AppFlood’s complete RTB platform there is finally a simple but effective way to bridge the gap between the East and West, meaning that truly global campaigns are finally possible. As international brands and advertisers continue to spend ever more on mobile, AppFlood’s RTB solution will help meet the tremendous demand from Chinese advertisers for global inventory, and vice versa.”

AppFlood’s new platform will support rich media, video ads, malware detection and will allow brands and agencies buy or sell RTB traffic from a single dashboard.
Getting to grips with the Chinese mobile ad market can be a tough job for Western advertisers. As we detailed in our recent guide to app promotion in China, the country’s mobile landscape is quite different in many respects to what we have in the US and Europe.  A China-focused DSP/SSP, like the one AppFlood is now offering, will therefore be very much welcomed by brands, app marketers and publishers. For more information on AppFlood’s new platform head over to the website.

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