Appfigures launches Mobile Download Index to help benchmark app performance

Anne Freier | March 25, 2020

App Marketing

Appfigures, the App Store optimisation and analytics firm, has recently launched a new tool that lets app marketers evaluate their performance metrics in the context of wider market performance.

Dubbed the Mobile Download Index, the tool is available for free for members and benchmarks app download figures against market statistics.

In that way, download estimates and market insights are combined to give app marketers a better picture over how their campaign efforts are performing.

Specifically, the Mobile Download Index lets marketers compare their downloads across various categories to see if it’s just their app that may experience ups and downs in download number or whether it may be a wider drop affecting an entire app category.

At the same time, this allows app makers to set more realistic expectations of what they can expect from their app campaigns. Past trends can be monitored and compared to see when campaigns performed the best.

For example, there could be peak points throughout the year when performance stood out. This allows marketers to plan and spend their budgets accordingly.

Ad spending has become more common for developers and publishers, but the Index allows them to tweak campaigns according to best performing results.

“We’re bringing this unprecedented level of visibility into the app market for free to do our small part in helping app makers gain critical
insights during these unusual times,” said Ariel Michaeli, CEO and Founder of Appfigures. “We see the Mobile Download Index as an indispensable tool for app maker, akin to indices used by stock traders.”

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