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Partner Post - Appcoach navigate & win the Asian mobile market

Posted: January 11, 2018

“Mobile gaming market had a prosperous year in 2017. While 2018 is a good time twisted with rewarding challenges to crack open a broader market with an experienced and innovative mobile marketing agency as a wingman – Appcoach.”
As we take a retrospective look at 2017, the gaming market gained a prosperous year, especially in the mobile gaming section. Newzoo revealed that the global mobile game revenue at $50.4 billion in 2017. Mobile game revenue is expected to reach $57.9 in 2018. Another signal is revealed by AppAnnie, claiming that entertainment app section shows upward growth in download volume and user engagement time. Entertainment apps include video, casual game and entertaining apps for leisure and so forth, classified by iOS App Store and Google Play. This category has been growing in terms of revenue over 3 years globally, especially by 4.7 times in Asia leading the race and by 3.8 times in US.
For a developer who wants to develop mobile games, you realize that there is a prospect market signal generated by global users who are wooed by entertaining mobile experience. Premium quality traffic, seasoned optimization and effective ad creatives are three killer stakes in the game, which assures you cost-effective campaign with solid ROI.
2018 is a good time twisted with rewarding challenges to crack open a broader market with an experienced and innovative mobile marketing agency as a wingman – Appcoach.

Optimization expertise maximizing ROI

Breathing in data and understanding profoundly the global search and social ad networks such as Google, Facebook and Twitter, Appcoach closely watches campaign performance data and adjusts optimization strategy dynamically on targeting & re-marketing, ad creatives setting, bidding, etc. According to Appcoach’s practice, localized display ads and attentive optimization tactics can trigger CVR up to 50% on Facebook at effective conversion cost.
(Appcoach utilizes its in-house automation tool Butterfly for Facebook ad campaign optimization.)

Programmatic ad network for tech-driven user acquisition

For interactive and engaging products like games and entertainment apps, fitting in-app ad traffic and video ad resource is of great value in this industry. Appcoach Market integrates global premium display and video traffic to fulfill swift and broad user acquisition. Optimizing towards high-quality ad networks and direct publisher in a technology-driven ad platform, Appcoach’s programmatic ad platform makes sure your ads are seen and converted by most relevant and valuable users.

We offer customized global media strategy with a local insight

Appealing games and entertaining apps are welcome to mass mobile users worldwide, yet bearing great hustle of competitive markets and failing to touch local media and the localized ad creatives in a specific region. Appcoach offers consultative solution in understanding your app’s overall market status (eg. market sizing, app category market share, competitor), and then rolls out customized media plan which integrates optimization service on global social & search ad networks (eg. Google, Facebook, Twitter), in-depth local media resources (eg. local news, social media, other verticals) and programmatic media buying on premium display and video ad traffic. To take your media strategy to next level, Appcoach’s support for effective and localized ad creatives is your another winning chip.
Feeling ready to open all those exciting markets out there? Or you want more clarity to kick off your plan? Partner with Appcoach for a solid and full-around mobile marketing campaign to win big in your game. Contact Appcoach via marketing@appcoachs.com today.

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