Appcelerator boosts platform with new analytics and API tools


Enterprise-focused mobile app development platform Appcelerator has rolled-out a major update to its toolset, chucking some new analytics features and an API builder into the mix.

The Mountain View-based company’s announcement follows hot-on-the-heels of Amazon’s rollout of its latest suite of mobile development tools, as part of Amazon Web Services, which now includes a new app analytics platform. So how is Appcelerator responding to this new threat from Jeff Bezos?

Analytics seems to be the key word here. Appcelerator has revealed ‘Insights 2.0,’ an analytics tool designed to cope with the “dozens if not hundreds” of apps its enterprise clients are juggling. The new tool delivers real-time visibility into everything you’d expect (acquisition, engagement, retention, quality and conversion) and – perhaps most importantly for Appcelerator’s business – presents the data in a “tablet-based view designed for business stakeholders, IT leaders and company executives.”

Also announced is a new API Builder that lets Appcelerator users assemble mobile-optimised APIs “quickly and easily” with a point-and-click interface. Then there’s more flexible SDK support, allowing Appcelerator’s tools to be applied to any app in a customer’s portfolio, regardless of whether it was built on the Appcelerator platform or not.

Here’s what CEO Jeff Haynie had to say:


“Web architectures are perfect for a browser experience, but they can’t deliver the kind of release speed, data responsiveness and great cross-device experiences mobile users expect. The Appcelerator Platform seamlessly extends enterprise software infrastructures for the post-web world. Our latest innovations help organizations to mobilize now and to scale quickly, all while delivering five-star user experiences.”

Appcelerator is one of the better established app builder platforms out there, with more than 70,000 apps deployed, but with the likes of Amazon circling the waters it cannot afford to rest on its laurels. On the other side of the scale, Appcelerator’s latest announcement only piles on the pressure in the dedicated app analytics space, which has recently seen a fair bit of consolidation over the last few months, with App Annie acquring Distimo and Kontagent tying-up with PlayHaven.

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